We propose products based on the ethical and respectful lifestyle of our customers, carefully created thanks to the family know-how and consolidated knowledge of the product, in the name of design and sensory satisfaction.

InLinum products bring with them the meticulous research of intelligent and sustainable design.

We aim to create high quality garments entirely made of natural Linen, with supplying and production processes of proven ethics and respect for human and nature. Our materials come from well-known partner and suppliers.

The great care reserved for materials is at the same time supported by the particular attention used in the development of the design and shapes of our garments, designed to guarantee pleasure, ease of use and aesthetic quality. Universal garments that defy seasonality and resist change.

logo Costumein Concept Shirts, Complémentaire, Fashion and Clothing

Una creazione Costumein è un capo che vive di vita propria e non ha bisogno di altri complementi per rappresentare eleganza o glamour. Nasce e s’indossa perché sia in piena evidenza e colpisca. E’ una realizzazione curata attentamente in ogni dettaglio, che mescola stili e fonti d’ispirazione senza età, rieditando tagli e volumi della tradizione maschile assicurando sempre, al contempo, ottima vestibilità.

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